Sometimes opening the trash can be a struggle. You have your hands full and that little foot pedal can be finicky.

Enter the voice command trashcan.

Mainer and TikToker Libby, or @iamlibbyhearmesnore, gained viral fame in March of 2020 just days after the world shut down.

Like the rest of us, Libby was trying to stay entertained the best that they could, and for the first video it was the trashcan providing the entertainment.

This trash can opens when you say, "Open Can". So, what other phrases could be used to get it to open? Apparently phrases such as fallopian man and golden clam.

Months later Libby and friends filmed part two. This is where we learn that the Maine town of Bowdoinham works as well as frozen ham, Trojan Man, OnlyFans, and "I'm Dirty Dan" a line made famous in an episode of Spongebob Squarepants.

Libby reposted these videos recently and they have taken off once again. So, what words or phrases should they try next? Jim and Pam? Creepy van? Monopoly Man?

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