Mentalfloss released a map detailing every state's most popular television show for 2016, and Maine definitely nailed it. 

While traditional television viewership continues to slide, streaming of shows continues to rise. It may seem silly to call shows we stream "television" shows, but that's still the case until we can all agree on something better. With that disclaimer out of the way, here are the findings of a recent study done by

According to MentalFloss, Maine has a distinct taste for the bizarre, which is why the super popular Netflix series Stranger Things is the most popular TV show in the state for 2016. The determination was made mostly on Google Trends and social media chatter leaving the traditional Neilsen ratings in the dust.

Other New England states had some interesting results as well. New Hampshire's most popular show was The Fosters, a show that has been airing for years on ABC Family. Massachusetts had an interesting choice as well, the gritty Showtime series Ray Donovan about a "fixer" with some serious family issues.

Outside of New England, there were also some peculiar results. Like Hawaii, who's favorite TV show in 2016 is still Lost? Ummm, ok. Or Kentucky, who's Google Trends and social media chatter made One Tree Hill it's number #1 choice. Feels like the early 2000's all over again!

So what do you think? Does Stranger Things fit the state of Maine perfectly?

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