It's an industry that supports 110,000 jobs and generates 9 BILLION dollars in sales annually. It's the tourism industry and we Mainers are dependent on it. We received an awesome video from the Maine Tourism Association that not only gave us hope for Maine tourism but all Maine businesses that are trying to figure out a new way. And we will.

From the Maine Tourism Association release:

“I can’t think of another sector that has been hit harder by the shutdown, but the Maine tourism industry has proven its ability to survive recessions, depressions, world wars, and other global events and emerge stronger than before,” said Maine Tourism Association Chief Executive Officer Tony Cameron. “This is our toughest challenge yet, but in the video, you hear from our members that their outlook for the future remains one of hope and optimism.”

Please watch this video. It's one of the most inspirational things we've seen since this pandemic started. And it features so many of our friends and business and community leaders who we work with every day at Townsquare Media. The first segment highlights the many challenges Maine businesses are facing in the tourism industry. The second segment discusses the many ways we are innovating, And the third segment speaks to optimism for what lies ahead.  After watching this, I know we will all be together with a new path forward.  Why? Because we are strong. We are resourceful. We are resilient. And we are stubborn. We are Mainers after all!



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