YOU did it again for Markathon. This year was one of the all-time great Markathons. Your CRAZY requests and the inspiring stories from families of the Center for Grieving Children all showed what the power of music, family, and community can do. We hit a new record high for Markathon this year. Thank you to all who donated with song requests and bid in the online auction.


Our friends at Intermed totally blew us away this year with their donation that theywork on all year long. AMAZING.


AURA has been with us from the beginning and we think of them as family. Their donation of $10,000 was one of the truly moving moments of Markathon 2019. Thanks Krista and Crew! You can have Curdo back now. Here's Krista with the WCYY/Townsquare Market President Brian Lang.


Oxford Casino Hotel and Event Center does not hand out checks when they make a donation. They hand out giant CHIPS. Wicked! Thanks to their year-long "Give 5 Get 10" campaign for Markathain again this year. Matt and Dana- we love you guys.



Cinemagic putting Mark on the big screen and on Markathon as a big sponsor.


And then there's this guy. Mr. Mark Curdo. Mark didn't leave the studio for 105 hours. He slept on the floor at night. He took every phone call. He played every request and hosted every family, guest, and sponsor. He is Maine's Superman. Thank you, Mark. Now go take a well-deserved long winters nap.