What a week! Markathon Friends and Family is in the books. Our final total: $37,000.

WOW! Every penny goes to the Center for Grieving Children. Over the many Markathons, we've raised close to $300,000 for the Center... one song at a time!

It was great to have Mark Curdo come in for the last few hours of Markathon. Mark could not be here for his usual 100+ hour Markathon air shift this year because of health reasons, so we REALLY needed the Portland community to come together to keep Markathon alive.

That's why we called this year the "Friends and Family" edition of Markathon.

FRIENDS: Thanks to all the local businesses that came in throughout the week to donate to Markathon. You are true friends of CYY!


FAMILY:  Our CYY listeners. We think of you as extended family. Thank you for coming through EVERY YEAR for this amazing cause. This was probably the best playlist we've ever had, so well done with your music choices!

Thanks to all the other DJ's from CYY's sister stations who came on and hosted an hour this week. This Townsquare Portland team truly is a crazy, wonderful family.

Plus big props to other special guest hosts like Spose, Bob Marley, Lee Nelson, Cindy Williams, Amanda Hill, Andrew Govatsos and CYY alums Robin and the Facemelter!



Lori Voornas and Kylie Queen from sister station WJBQ


Next year, Mark will back for the Official Tenth Markathon. And we're going to make Markathon X a total blowout.

A few more Markathon videos: