If you've driven by Mast Landing Brewing Company in the last few days, you've already noticed some changes. The warehouse that has been home to Westbrook's first craft brewery has gotten a bit of a facelift, with some new exterior paint and bolder signage. But there's also been some construction behind Mast Landing as they begin the project of expanding their outdoor space.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to KeepMeCurrent, the same landlords that own the warehouse that Mast Landing operates in also owned a small house that abuts the brewery. The landlords and Mast Landing petitioned the City of Westbrook in hopes that they could raze the house and increase Mast Landing's outdoor space, which would allow food trucks to be available on-site as well as additional picnic tables and lawn games available for patrons.

The project was approved and construction is underway. Mast Landing is hopeful to have their new, larger beer garden open this summer. Cheers!

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