Just when I thought the beach couldn't get any better, Scarborough Beach State Park has not only one good boy but also a good girl on their lifeguard rescue team.

This is Beacon & Buoy, two exclusively trained Newfoundlands who will be on the lookout for ya if you're in danger.

Look at how gorgeous they are!

Now, because these photos looked so interesting, I had to do my research on this type of doggo.

According to hillspet.com, a Newfoundland is a "remarkable swimmer with a history of performing incredible water rescues." So no surprise they would be lifeguards. The website even points out that they have webbed paws and a water-resistant coat of fur.

They also happen to be pretty big dogs, and the website Purina says they are gentle giants.

The American Kennel Club notes that male Newfoundlands are on average 28 inches tall and can weigh 130 to 150 pounds while a female Newfoundland is on average 26 inches tall and 100 to 120 pounds.

Beacon, who is one of the very few dogs in the country with lifeguard skills, and her owner Greg Wilfert, as the head lifeguard says, "Newfoundlands are a natural for the lifeguarding job".


If they brought on pups to the team, you know they must be animal lovers. Remember that animal lovers take care of animals, so rest assured they most likely have everything they need out there on an extra hot summer day in Maine!

I only mention that since I'm sure you were wondering about it hehe.

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