There are a handful of things you can almost always count on happening when it comes to Maine in the spring, from a cold snap that chills you to the bone out of nowhere, to torrential rain that makes everything muddy, and a long holiday weekend being subpar weather-wise.

Memorial Day weekend has been brisk, chilly, and uninviting so many times in Maine, we've come to expect it. But this year, things look like they're going to be a lot different.

Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche, the forecast models are coming together and promising a Memorial Day weekend to remember on the weather front. Instead of everyone moseying around with long pants, big sweatshirts, and frowning faces, beach season in Maine is likely to get a head start.

The Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend are forecasted to be spectacular no matter where you are in Maine, New Hampshire, or the rest of New England. Typically, spring delivers a divide when it comes to temperatures between the northern half and southern half of Maine. Next weekend's warm front isn't having any of that.

Sunday appears to be the gem of all gems if you're looking to have a barbecue, visit a state park, or park your buns on the beach. Low-to-mid 80 degree weather should encompass most of the state, and native New Englanders are not going to pass up the chance to visit the ocean (the ocean will still be very, very cold, however).

Pack that umbrella. Wear your sunscreen. And hope that this weather forecast ends up being accurate.


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