Metallica is one of the biggest bands in the world, but they've also taken their fair share of chances over the last few years that have not panned out. In the new book Into the Black, authors Paul Brannigan and Ian Winwood state that since 2010, "it's likely that Metallica have lost more money than they've made."

In a chat with The Weeklings, the authors state, "Over the past five years Metallica have embarked upon a variety of vanity projects that haven’t exactly brought home the bacon. By their own admission, the two stagings of the Orion festival were disastrous financially, and the shambles that was the Through The Never movie cost $32 million and will only recoup a fraction of that amount. (Through the Never made under $8 million in worldwide ticket sales during its theatrical run) Factor in HQ staff salaries, crew retainers and assorted running costs associated with maintaining an entertainment corporation and you can easily understand why the band -- of necessity now rather than by choice -- are driven to tour Europe every summer."

When asked about the band's biggest blunder, the pair state, "It's hard to fault a band that [largely] operates on such principles however, so I'd be loathe to label these decisions as blunders. When Metallica mistrust their own instincts however, they falter, and increasingly in recent years that's made them look at best infallible and at worst dishonest." They point out the Through the Never film as "a horrible misjudgment" and "misguided attempt to breathe life into a decade-old idea."

Meanwhile, Metallica are back to doing what made them superstars in the first place -- recording new music and playing live. As Lars Ulrich recently stated, "The creative elements are getting close to being done. Just remember, this is still 'Metallica time.' When I say we're close to being done, it means the next month or so … but we are certainly down there [writing] pretty much every day."

As for Metallica's future plans, that also includes appearances at the inaugural Rock in Rio USA festival as well as the traditional Rock in Rio festival in Brazil.

In related news, you may remember Metallica recently played a corporate gig for The band has now made that show available as a free download for fans. Get details on the track listing and download the show here.

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