The last time Metallica performed anywhere near Northern New England was on May 19, 2017, when they took over Gillette Stadium for their WorldWired tour, celebrating their latest studio record, Self-Destruct.

They played a massive 18-song set spanning their career, opening with "Hardwired" and closing out the encore with "Enter Sandman." In between, they pulled out the amazing "Motorbreath" from Kill 'Em All—the first time they had played it in Massachusetts in 20 years. Fan favorites like "Fuel" and "Sad But True" were sprinkled throughout the set, as were several new tracks like "Moth Into Flame," "Now That We're Dead", and "Halo on Fire."

They even filmed a special 360-degree live video of their performance of "Seek & Destroy" at the show—you can watch it below.

Watch Metallica's 360-Degree Live Video of "Seek & Destroy" in Foxborough

That show marked the 23rd 'Tallica concert in Massachusetts; their first gig in the state was on July 30, 1983, at the legendary rock club, The Rat.

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Of course, as we've shared in the past, their history in the state of Maine is much shorter. The last time they played in Maine was on Feb. 27, 1992, about six months after the "Black Album" was released. They've performed live in Maine only three times, which is actually one more time than they've performed in New Hampshire. They played Riverfront Park in Manchester on July 15, 1989, and Cheshire Fairgrounds in North Swanzey on June 12, 1994.

Needless to say, Metallica's headlining gig at Boston Calling feels like a long-awaited return.

Watch Metallica's Full North Swanzey Concert in 1994

So, what should we expect from their Sunday night show at the Harvard Athletic Complex?

Well, your prediction is as good as ours, but we think we did a pretty good job guessing what we could get from the setlist on the most recent episode of The Ultimate Metallica Show—you can check it out below.

Our Prediction for Metallica's Boston Calling Setlist

1. "Whiplash"
2. "Ride the Lightning"
3. "Battery"
4. "Holier Than Thou"
5. "My World"
6. "One"
7. "Sad But True"
8. "Atlas, Rise!"
9. "The Unforgiven"
10. "The Shortest Straw"
11. "Creeping Death"
12. "Turn the Page"
13. "Master of Puppets"
14. "Fight Fire With Fire"
15. "Nothing Else Matters"
16. "Enter Sandman"

By our count, every show they've performed in 2022—from Las Vegas to Brazil—has consisted of 16 songs. They've been playing some expected tunes like "Nothing Else Matters" and "Whiplash," but they've also thrown in some surprises, like "Fight Fire With Fire," "Dirty Window", and "Holier Than Thou."

All of that being said, Metallica have been known to pull out all the stops and do something completely out of nowhere, so who knows what will happen at Boston Calling. We may get a good preview, though, after they perform at BottleRock in Napa, California, on Friday night, May 27.

Regardless, we know where we'll be on Sunday night: screaming our lungs out watching Metallica close out Boston Calling. Are you going? If you are, make sure to send us a message in the CYY app and let us know—we'll keep an eye out for the CYY Family.

If you can't make it, make sure to tune in for The Ultimate Metalica Show from 10p-Midnight on Sunday—we have some tricks up our sleeves for a very special broadcast.

Watch Metallica's "Thank You" Video For Their 2017 Show in Boston

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