When I'm outside doing yard work on the weekend at home in Westbrook, the only things I'm subjected to attack by are stinging or biting flying insects.

Yes, they are annoying but they don't bite as nearly as severely as what went after a man in Woolwich who was doing some weed whacking. His name is J. Collins and he is 79 years old.

The man told WGME TV that while he likely tending to his lawn chores,

"I felt something I was tripping over, and I looked down and it was a damn fox trying to jerk my leg."

Under attack, he did what we'd expect from any experienced salty ol' timah from Maine. He utilized that weed whacker and a cane as a form of protection. Give it to 'em, bub.

He spoke with WGME TV about the scary encounter. According to the article after hitting the fox with his weed whacker, it ran off.

And then...

"The second one come straight at me, and I mean just fast,” Collins said. “I had a cane here and I picked it up and just started hitting the hell out of him."

Although the article isn't clear, we bout 'magine that second fox decided not to stick around for any more caning.

Unfortunately, Mr. Collins didn't make it through the battle unscathed.

WGME reports that,

 "Collins says he was bitten 15 times on his legs and arms. He would have had more bites had he not been wearing his muck boots."

I haven't seen any foxes in my yard this summer. But stories like keep us alert that it's possible for them to show up. With that in mind, I'll be wearing my muck boots when I weed whack this coming weekend. I'll probably keep a big stick handy too.

In all seriousness though, we wish Mr. Collins all the best as he recovers from those fox bites.

It is also important to note. If you see any aggressive wild animals on your property during this carnival of horrors that is 2020, go in the house and dial 911.

No, really. Get inside and call the authorities. Especially if it's a fox. They don't say 'quick like a fox' for nothin', ya know.

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