After just getting blasted with torrential rain and strong winds, most of Maine can gear up for another fun event, MORE SNOW from late Thursday night into Friday morning. Local meteorologists are now considering going into witness protection programs because even the most ardent of Winter enthusiasts have had enough, and the common people, they're on the edge of revolt.

As you can see from the map shared on Twitter by Keith Carson, southern Maine should at a rain/wintry mix type of event. Should be ugly for the morning commute on Friday. For the majority of the state north of Lewiston/Auburn, Mother Nature is bringing another dose of Thor's hammer filled with snow. It's starting to feel like we're just going to skip Spring all together and head directly into Summer sometime in June.

The silver lining? This system doesn't appear to be as powerful as others we've seen throughout the Winter. But someday, maybe soon, could we see like 3 days in a row where it doesn't rain or snow? Asking for a friend.

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