If you're sick of the snow, the wind, the power outages, the shoveling, the snow blowing, the idiot drivers, the salt splattered cars, the snow banks, the limited visibility, the 7 layers of clothing and general seasonal depression...........Mother Nature doesn't care.

She's coming back again, rearing back with her swift snow fist to deliver another right hook to Maine's already pained jaw. Local meteorologists have been watching this storm for more than a week, with most tracks promising a path that would steer clear of Maine. However, the latest models are saying something much different.

While Todd Gutner says it will be a "downeast crush job", all of coastal Maine have feel the fury yet again. This storm should produce strong winds, and stop if you've heard this before, potential coasting flooding threats due to storm surge. Add more snow on as icing on the cake, and we'll all be preparing our pitchforks at Punxatawny Phil's hole the next time he tries to predict 6 more weeks of winter.

So how much snow? Preliminary forecasts are calling for 4-8 inches for parts of southern Maine while downeast and parts of northern Maine could see up to another foot of snow. Get your bread and milk now. Remember that 70 degree day we had? Me neither.


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