Get ready for a different level of survival with the all new series that has leveled-up what we thought "Naked and Afraid" was. It's called, "Naked and Afraid: SOLO".

This intense and exciting spin-off debuts exclusively on EW Discovery. We will witness some of our favorite contestants push their limits. One of those bad-ass survivalists is right here, from Maine.

Here is the promo to Naked and Afraid: Solo, A New Series From Discovery. 

Brace yourself for everything you've loved about Naked and Afraid but each contestant will be completely alone, and as you know, in the buff.

8 contestants endure 21 days in the wilderness completely solo. They push their limits, naked, and we will all watch.

One of these brave contestants is from our neck of the woods. Straight outta Sanford Maine is Cheeny Plante kicking ass in the wilderness, alone and nude.

According to EW, the upcoming Discovery series will combine gripping narratives set in some of the world's most remote and inhabitable environments, spread across three continents. Wow! Can you imagine going to places like the jungles of South America with nothing but a loincloth?

All I can think of are the dirt and bugs finding their way into parts of your body that are not supposed to see sunlight. Sounds itchy.

According to EW, Cheeny has experience in the airforce and is a "jack of all trades."

For Plante, the show was her second successful stint on “Naked and Afraid.” Last year, she soldiered through her first three weeks in a challenging part of South Africa. In that case, she was paired with fellow adventurers. In the spinoff, however, she was on her own.


Head on over to Discovery to watch Cheeny and the others battle themselves and their environments, naked, afraid, and solo.

If someone told me to survive 21 days in the wild with a partner while being naked I'd say no thanks.

But enduring the same challenge without any partner is a true test of the limits for even the most battle-hardened survivalists in the world.

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