With all of the coronavirus closures and Tom Brady announcing he's leaving the Patriots, New England could really use something to look forward to and it looks like Mother Nature may be willing to help, at least for one day. As the first official day of spring approaches to end this week, forecast models are pointing towards an oasis of warmth across New England, with parts of some states reaching 70 degrees.

Shared on Twitter by Robert Laroche, this particular model shows Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut and southern New Hampshire all getting in some tasty mid-to-upper 60 degree weather. If you're living in Maine and feeling left out, that's probably going to be the case this time around. There's a chance for southern Maine, specifically south of Portland, to see 60 degree temperatures for at least a couple hours Friday as long as the clouds and sun play along.

Unfortunately, this truly will be a temperature oasis. Saturday and Sunday both shape up to be "nice" days with plentiful sunshine, but temperatures will return to the upper 30's and low-to-mid 40's across New England for both weekend days.

So make your plans to get some fresh air on Friday when the weather is right. Keep that social distancing intact and return inside for the weekend to cry more about Tom Brady being gone.

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