The South Portland Police Department has just added a new member to its force. And it's one that's a little hairier than most.

According to a Facebook post from the department, K9 Sauer from Massachusetts has joined the team.

Sauer, a 16-month-old Belgian Malinois was chosen "due to his breeding, training, and upbringing by the wonderful staff at Runchkin Hill Farms," the South Portland police stated.

The Facebook post highlighted that Sauer has teamed up with Officer Ezekiel Collins, his handler, and they began their K9 patrol team training on March 20.

You can check out pictures of the handsome police dog in the Facebook post below:

The City of South Portland website also highlights two other K9 teams on the department, as well as a number of ways that these police dogs can help out. That includes "Narcotics Detection" to "Suspect Apprehension."

Police dogs can even help in missing person cases, and according to Maine Public, "in a rural place like Maine, quick access to a dog team can and does save lives."

Taylor Walton, head trainer at Brewer-based breeding and training company Controlled K9, told Maine Public that police dogs are trained to "win" and that they "aren’t likely to give up during a pursuit or a search until told to stop."

Sauer is likely to follow in those footsteps and become a positive addition to the South Portland Police Department.

If you love seeing these police dogs, there's a great Facebook page called Law Enforcement Dogs of Maine. On it, the page highlights K9s across the state whether it's for them recently joining a department to their latest accomplishment.

Wish you had your own police dog? Imagine how helpful they could be if you're the type of person to lose your keys or wallet all the time.

Welcome to Maine, Sauer, and good luck!

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