But for those who do...it's exactly what this season needs!



On the corner of Beachridge and Holmes Roads in Scarborough, there are your typical political signs. The red ones for Susan Collins and the blue ones for Sara Gideon. But wait, does that say Wabbit Season and Duck Season?! Yup. And they are perfect.


As ridiculous as this political season is, a rabbit and duck show us just how ridiculous. If you watch the video, you will see see Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck literally go back and forth ripping off signs DUCK SEASON and RABBIT SEASON for over 60 seconds. Childish, silly, immature, ridiculous and pretty damn funny. Unfortunatley, the political ads we are hammered with are childish, silly, ridiculous and not very funny at all.

I cannot wait for Wednesday when we don't see a single politcal ad.

I vote for Elmer Fudd for the win!



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