If you're a reasonable person, when you see the headline "Maine's most Googled career choices", you're probably thinking two obvious choices; brewer and lobsterman. Well, you'd be half right. Brewer does rank on the list of the top five most searched jobs in Maine, but there's another that made the list that might raise a few eyebrows.

According to Zippia.com, a career based website, one of the most searched for jobs in Maine is pornstar. Yes, you read that right. Pornstar is one of the most Googled jobs in the Pine Tree State. Forget being a nurse, teacher or lawyer, let's do the research on how to get into adult films.

The other top searches beyond brewer in pornstar in Maine were butcher (feels a bit outdated in terms of a career) as well as chandler (which works with boats). Those all make sense for Mainers but pornstar? That is an amazing outlier.


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