According to World Population Review, Google’s Year End Search has produced the top five searches for each state, and these are the results for Maine and New Hampshire.

Damar Hamlin

It may not come as a surprise that Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin was the top Google search in Maine for 2023. It doesn’t seem like almost an entire year has gone by already, but it’s likely his cardiac arrest that he suffered on the field following a blow to the chest is still fresh in your mind. He has since been cleared to resume playing on the field.

Chat GPT

With all of the technology that has evolved over the years, it’s likely that 2023 will be remembered as the year that Chat GPT was introduced to the masses. What exactly is Chat GPT? It’s essentially artificial intelligence (AI) that creates articles, stories, and answers to questions as if an actual human were to write it.

Super Bowl

It’s likely to show up among the top searches of 2024, as it's the biggest day in the sports world every year. Does it really seem like the Kansas City Chiefs took the Super Bowl over the Philadelphia Eagles almost a year ago already?

Wind Chill Warning

How Northern New England is this? Probably not going to find this on any top searches in our southern states. I wonder if Florida and Arizona have "heat stroke" in their top searches.


Oh, you’re not familiar with Temu yet? Well people love it and hate it. It’s a Chinese company offering major discounts on almost anything you can think of. There have been plenty of people full of excitement with the great deals that they have scored and others complaining about lack of quality. It’s kind of like a grab bag, right? Buy some stuff and hope for the best.

Lindsay Clancy

You have likely heard about the woman accused of strangling her three children to death at their home Duxbury, Massachusettes. Lindsay Clancy is currently pleading not guilty.

According to World Population Review, here are the top five Google searches for each state, and they're almost the same. Hey, we are like siblings after all.


5. Temu

4. Wind Chill Warning

3. Super Bowl

2. Chat GPT

1. Damar Hamlin

New Hampshire

5. Wind Chill Warning

4. Lindsay Clancy

3. Super Bowl

2. Chat GPT

1. Damar Hamlin


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Damar Hamlin, Chat GPT, Super Bowl, Wind chill warning, Temu

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