I have no idea what your hurry was, but you scared the crap out of me!


I don't understand why people who are in parking garages drive like it's a race track! It is not! Often, parking garages especially in Portland, have narrow levels with vehicles going in both directions. You were entering the parking garage. What the hell was so important that you were traveling at a speed I've never witnessed before in a garage and HEADING RIGHT FOR ME. I had to stop and had nowhere to go or any time to react as you came around a corner and gunned it heading straight for me.


I literally started to brace for impact. I didn't even have time to honk my horn. You swerved at the last minute around me and never slowed down, never acknowledged me. I was so upset that THEN I beeped my horn.

At that point, my heart was in my throat, and for me, that laying on the horn was me swearing at you.

SLOW DOWN! What the hell could have been SO important that you had to drive like a bat out of hell UP a parking garage? Someone on the third floor giving birth? I don't think so. What makes your life more important than mine?

You really scared me and pissed me off. If this is any indication of what kind of driver you are OUTSIDE of parking garages, you are going to hurt someone. I was lucky not to be a victim of your reckless, selfish illegal driving. People like you shouldn't have licenses.



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