You were stalking me from your car from the moment I pulled into the Portland, Maine, gas station. You weren't hiding it either, over in the corner with your tinted windows half cracked so I could only see your eyes.

I was alone, just trying to fill up my gas tank at the pump, and I think that's where you thought I'd be vulnerable considering your next move.

As my hand is locked on the pump, I kept a side eye on you because my instincts told me you weren't a good person.

I was right.

You got out of your car, threw your cigarette on the ground, and trudged forward in what seemed like a very straight deliberate line right at me.

You made it to my car, then stood right next to me with my hand still on the gas throttle which sent me into a panic. You didn't care, you were going to shoot your shot even though my body language turned away from you.

After a few aggressive sentences, and a lot of me politely asking you to please leave me alone, you yelled "Don't be a b---h, just go out with me".

I looked around, and thank god another car pulled in behind me to fill up their tank who had noticed my face looked very uncomfortable.

The man that had just pulled up was very kind and walked right up to us asking if everything was OK so you walked away.

This type of behavior is unacceptable, whether it's in Maine, New England, or anywhere in the world. A woman should be able to be independent at a gas station and fill up her tank (especially during the day) without feeling like she could possibly be in danger.

Do better sir. And thank you to the gentleman who was so aware of his surroundings that he was able to save me from a potentially dangerous situation.

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