Shout out to the good dudes left in the world.

I was on a road trip up to Acadia to ignore the world for five days, which means back roads, bugs, and more bugs.

If you're a Mainer, you know the mosquitoes have been nothing short of ignorant this year since we had such a damp summer (gross).

You'll also understand more than others, that it is next to impossible to drive on back roads over 30 MPH without 900 of them smashing into your windshield and blinding your view of the road.

Naturally, before I knew it, I had gone through my entire new gallon of windshield wiper fluid on the way home from my trip, but still had 2 hours left until I reached my apartment.

It was 11 pm. I was in the middle of nowhere, alone, and had to desperately find any type of back road with a run-down gas station that hopefully sold some fluid in order to finish my trip.

Thankfully, I pulled up on one around the corner and was able to purchase some fluid while thanking my lucky stars. However, I was struggling to figure out how to pop my hood open as I just bought a brand new vehicle I wasn't familiar with.

This man came out of the little run-down corner store and immediately jumped in to help me pop my hood and fill my fluid tank. He didn't even ask, he just knew I was scared, alone, and needed some help.

Thank you, sir. Thank you for getting me back on the road and treating me like I was somebody's daughter who just got stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thank you for being my saving grace in the middle of a run-down country road where I didn't think a miracle like this could exist!

People can be good. Keep the kindness going!

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