Okay, so I may really be starting to believe that my "new" apartment is actually haunted. I say "new," because it was built recently and no one has lived there before my boyfriend and me. I recently wrote about how the paranormal activity in my apartment has changed, whereas before that it was only what looked like orbs on my security camera.

My boyfriend claimed that he heard voices and our half bathroom door was shut (which we never shut). However, things again are starting to escalate in my apartment to the point that both my parents want to hire someone to come and bless it.

You may be wondering what has happened in the last week to make my parents tell me that I should move. Luckily, I can say that nothing that has me packing my bags has happened.

It seems that whatever could potentially be in my apartment really likes the half bathroom. Yet again, the door was found shut, and this time it was locked. Let me tell you a little bit about this bathroom. First off, I am starting to regret how I decorated it. The walls are covered in decretive horror signs, the washer and dryer are in a closet inside the bathroom, and the door (obviously) locks from the inside.

It is important to note that my boyfriend and I haven't been using this bathroom recently, as I have been too lazy to put a new roll of toilet paper in there. Well, not only was the door locked from the inside the other day, but I woke up this morning to find that the closet holding the washer and dryer was open with the dryer door wide open.

I can tell you right now that neither my boyfriend nor I touched the laundry or anything in that bathroom last night. I mean if this "ghost" wants privacy, I understand, we all do at times. What would be even better is if the ghost actually starts folding the laundry that is in the dryer (I mean at least be helpful right).

There has been no paranormal activity that has been harmful to either of us, however, it is insane how fast things are escalating. I don't think it's time to pack our bags just yet.

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