Remember the "Harrysteria" leading up to the grand opening of "The Perfect Spell" in Freeport, Maine? Okay, I invented that word, but it was some major hoopla resulting in a reported sold-out year. The magical, theatrical pop-up restaurant made its debut on Halloween night of last year, and all was going bewitchingly until the coronavirus hit us like a ton of bricks, and shut down life as we know it.

Now that the dust is settling and the Harry Potter-themed restaurant has reopened (as of July 3rd), those people with tickets for days when the restaurant was closed are left wondering when and if they will be able to use them. This has led some impatient and angry people (We won't name them.) to leave multiple comments asking why they haven't heard from the staff.

Let me venture a guess for these irrational people who have obviously been living in a bubble of self-centeredness. I have absolutely no affiliation with the place, and have never even been there. With that said, since I HAVE been paying attention to local businesses that are suffering through the pandemic and have lost employees, either by choice or layoffs, the reason is probably because the restaurant is short-staffed. Anyone who takes five minutes to scan through the multiple posts from "The Perfect Spell's" Facebook page can clearly see they've repeatedly said they are working as fast as they can to get in touch with everyone whose reservation dates fell during the closure. They have also said again and again that they will reschedule everyone.

I am not the only one shaking her head at the angry commenters. A New England woman whose name is Mitzie has the perfect words: "This is an extremely popular business, and patience is a must-have… I trust these owners and they care about their customers. Be patient and supportive of the struggles of local businesses."

Yes, Albus Dumbledore could not have said it better. Patience is a magical virtue.

By the way, "The Perfect Spell," like most businesses, have made many coronavirus-related changes for your and their safety. Here is what they have done:

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