PETA is known worldwide for finding odd and creative ways to catch the attention of the general public when it comes to their protests. That rang true in Rockland yesterday, as a woman went topless and painted her body red in an attempt to protest the Maine Lobster Festival scheduled for this weekend.


The woman also wore giant lobster-like claws as she lay docile next to a bowl of melted butter. She also layer on a giant serving plate, with the message scrolled saying "relate to what is on your plate". PETA is hoping that people understand that lobsters should be treated humanely when they are being captured and then eventually eaten. According to the Bangor Daily News, the protest was aimed to make people think that lobsters never wanted to be caught, never wanted to cooked and never wanted to be eaten. That they ultimately suffer during the entire process.

PETA had previously protested the festival in 2013 due to allegations that Linda Bean's Maine Lobster was abusing their lobsters. PETA was hoping to stir enough controversy to cause a major investigation to be launched.

Several people stopped and gawked at the mostly nude woman on the plate during the protest, with several people snapping pictures and questioning exactly what they were looking at through social media. Perhaps the message was lost on some people based on this response...

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