In the realization of some people's worst nightmare, a tractor trailer came barreling into a home in Farmington, Maine after slippery road conditions caused the driver to lose control. 

Imagine the setting for just a moment. It's the early morning hours, coffee is brewing, breakfast is cooking and then all of a sudden, without warning, a tractor trailer comes smashing into your home with what seems like serious speed. It happened today in Farmington.

Danielle Waugh of NECN shared details on her Twitter account about the accident that left one person in the hospital and some unbelievable photos behind. Waugh reported that the homeowner was sitting only 10 feet from the moment of impact when the 18-wheeler lost control.

Police say road conditions did play a factor but so did speed. The driver of the tractor trailer was going 45 m.p.h. in a 25 m.p.h zone, although the sign showing the speed limit wasn't posted at the time of the accident and is missing.

The tractor trailer had a passenger at the time of the accident and that person is in critical condition at this time. Waugh reports that the house as part of this accident has been hit three other times by vehicles in the past. The dangerous part of Route 4 where the accident occurred is called Horn's Corner.

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