Don't believe everything you see on Facebook. That's especially true for a a photo of a building on Lewiston being shared on Facebook during political season. 

The photo shows a home with a flag painted on the roof with the caption "This guy's neighbors asked him to remove the American flag from his front yard because it offend them."

The grammar mistakes should be the first indication that the statement isn't true, but it becomes very obvious when you know something about the home shown.

It's not actually a home anymore. The building is now the offices of Tollman Associates on Russell Street in Lewiston and the flag was painted by a New York artist who was on a tour to paint one flag mural on a roof in each of the 50 states. In Maine, it was the Tollman Associates building.

You can't miss it when you're driving by and it looks even cooler from the air.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Oh, and the photo used on Facebook? It was taken from an article the Bangor Daily News wrote in 2012 showing flags around Maine for Flag Day.

Remember, just because you read it on the internet doesn't mean it's true.

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