Freeport's loss is Portland's gain.

One of the most popular bakeries in Southern Maine is moving one of its locations from Freeport to Portland.

The doors are officially closed at the Freeport location. No more delicious bread within walking distance of L.L.Bean.

There was nothing like a day of shopping and then spending 15 minutes sampling a plethora of bread options. It was always a blast to walk in the door, get hit by those delicious aromas, and walk out with numerous loaves of bread.

As sad as it is to see leave the Freeport community, it's wonderful that When Pigs Fly will enter the Portland market.

When Pigs Fly will be opening the new location on 65 Hanover Street, right in the heart of Portland's trendiest neighborhood, Bayside. Its neighbors will include Wilson County BBQ, Batson River Brewing, and Bayside Bowl, just to name a few.

This is a great addition to not just Bayside, but all of Portland. You can never go wrong with another delicious bakery, especially one with such a great reputation. Plus, who won't want to grab a loaf of bread before or after a fun day enjoying all Bayside and Portland has to offer?

When Pigs Fly started back in 1993, and has grown extensively since. The flagship store can be found in Kittery, which also doubles as a delicious pizzeria. Stores can also be found in Massachusetts (Somerville, Lexington, Jamaica Plain, and Brookline). The bread is sold in stores across New England, and as far south as Pennsylvania. They even have a "Bread of the Month" option on the company website.

When Pigs Fly is scheduled to open the Portland location on October 21.

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