As far as we know, nobody was forecasting this move. Keith Carson, who grew a following in Maine for his detailed, borderline "nerdy" forecasts and his social media interaction with fans, is returning to Maine and will resume his meteorological career at WCSH-6/WLBZ-2. He'll be returning to the airwaves on August 11th.

Carson left WCSH-6 a couple years ago to pursue an opportunity at national fame working for cable network the Weather Channel. He surprised many of his Facebook followers on Wednesday, when he posted this:

That fueled speculation that Carson may be returning to Maine. Recently, WCSH-6/WLBZ-2 had lost two of their more popular meteorologists in Joe Cupo and Steve McKay so it seemed like a no brainer to bring the also popular Carson back into the fold. As of Friday morning, it became official:

Welcome back. Looking forward to you #lockingitin!

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