Another one of Portland's longstanding restaurants has officially closed, this time the popular brunch spot known as Maelily Rayleigh's. Once upon a time, the restaurant was known as Kathy and Dave's, and it has been a mainstay along a busy portion of Forest Avenue for years. But on July 1st, the restaurant closed down for good with no officially explanation why, only a Facebook post stating they were ceasing operations.

Kathy and Dave's, then Maelily Ryleigh's, was known as a diner-like place where people could grab a hearty breakfast or a tasty sandwich for cheap money. For some, they may remember the place for the large collection of dolls that were displayed along the walls as decor. The business always drew a mixed crowd, from older patrons to college students on a budget.

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What people may end up missing the most will be their homemade muffins. Maelily Ryleigh's always had an incredible variety of delicious, oversized muffins on their daily specials menu that served as a meal for some.

There's no word as of this writing whether or not another business/restaurant will be taking over the space left behind by Maelily Ryleigh's.

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