I love pizza. It's unquestionably on the Mount Rushmore of comfort food. There's nothing like a few slices of the goods while you do practically anything. Ballgame? Pizza. Party? Pizza. Funeral? Pizza. Wedding? Pizza. It's always a perfect time for pizza.

Pizza is also extremely versatile. While people will always get behind the style they love, there's no "best" way, because every way is the best way. Thin crust, thick crust, Detroit style, cracker-thin, Greek style, bar pizza, pizza bagel, pizza rolls, even on English muffins, nothing beats some dough, a little sauce, cheese, and toppings.

With having such a pizza addiction, it's good to know I have so many options around, especially in Maine's largest city, Portland. The town is loaded with delicious joints that vary in style and concept.

I was curious to see what shops people's favorite are, so I decided to take a look at the latest 'best of' list from, TripAdvisor. The popular review site compiled its list based on a number of factors, including popularity and relevant write-ups.

Below is a list of the Top-15 pizza restaurants listed by TripAdvisor. It's a solidly diverse group. Many different concepts can be found, and many different Portland neighborhoods are represented. Some of these may surprise folks, but I think it's quite a solid look at many of Portland's best pies.

How many of these have you been to? Is your favorite missing from the list? How hungry are you at this point?

(Note: Bonobo, Old Port Slice Bar, Bill's Pizza, and Ridici were left off due to having closed recently. Otto was only included once, even though both locations were listed.)

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Gallery Credit: Chris Sedenka

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