One of Portland's best kept secret gems, JP's Bistro, is set for a big move. According to the Portland Press Herald, the restaurant, which has been an absolute favorite in the Rosemont neighborhood, is planning to move the entire operation to Falmouth with a planned opening in November.

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JP's Bistro decided to move after a decade-long run at their Woodford Street location for a variety of reasons. One of them is more space. Anyone who has visited the current iteration of JP's knows the restaurant is a little cramped. But the incredible food and cocktails was always enough for patrons to sacrifice a little elbow room. Another reason is updated equipment and a larger kitchen. And lastly, and perhaps most importantly, JP's Bistro will now be located along Route 1 in Falmouth, so visibility should bring in more customers. The restaurant is taking over the space left behind by Hugs Italian Restaurant.

JP's Bistro will remain open in Portland until October 12th. The restaurant is hopeful for a quick and smooth transition to the new Falmouth location with a target opening of the first week of November. Another tidbit of importance, JP's staff is making the move with the restaurant. For some, the staff is like family.



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