Troubling emails and tweets came to light this morning, threatening unspeakable violence against the Portland Police Department under the guise of the Black Lives Matter movement.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the newspaper received emails at 8:45am Wednesday morning claiming that police officers in Portland would be specifically targeted in violent acts. Those emails claimed the author(s) would "shoot as many police officers as they can".

The author of those emails and possibly the tweets belonging to @brownclown42 specified that they would be executing their plan from the Cumberland County parking garage on Newbury St. in Portland. The author claimed that the roof of the parking grage was booby-trapped. That parking garage is public and also houses police cruisers and vehicles.

These unfortunate and scary threats come on the heels of a heated encounter between police and Black Lives Matter protestors on Commercial St in Portland just a couple weeks ago. Several protestors were arrested that night, which led to outrage amongst leaders of the movement in Maine. Some protestors that were there that night spoke in front of the Portland City Council and claimed police brutality, although provided no hard evidence to prove their claim.

A day later, Portland Police are being threatened. This story will be updated as information comes in.

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