The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland plans to hold a debate party with kittens for those residents who are too stressed out. Perhaps holding a small, absolutely adorable creature in your hands is all you'll need to realize while the world isn't perfect, it could be worse. That's what the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland is betting on anyway.

According to NECN, the Refuge League plans on holding a debate party next week that will feature nine undeniably cute therapy kittens for those feeling overloaded. As the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump rages on, guests will be able to enjoy the company of kittens in a separate room.

The planned event will take place on October 19th, on Congress St. in downtown Portland. The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland also has a litter of amazing, friendly and charming animals looking for forever homes. You can find them at 449 Stroudwater Street in Westbrook with varying hours depending on the day.

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