Spend enough time on Reddit, and you'll find yourself going down some serious rabbit holes. One of those rabbit holes was some of the strange and bizarre letters former professional baseball players have sent after their glory days on the field.

That includes Ted Williams, the iconic Boston Red Sox legend, whom had plenty on his plate in the world of business after baseball. One thing Williams wanted to add to that plate was ownership of one of Maine's best-known businesses, and there's a letter to prove it.

Shortly after he retired, Ted Williams tried to buy LL Bean from r/baseball

Shared in the subreddit section 'Baseball', here's a letter Ted Williams sent to L.L. Bean on November 9, 1960. Inside the letter, Williams proclaims that now that his playing days are behind him, and his plan is to spend more time on his outdoors business.

He states that he's very familiar with L.L. Bean's products and would like L.L. Bean to either merge with Ted Williams, Inc, or perhaps Williams could purchase the company. Considering that L.L. Bean is still rolling right along, it appears Ted Williams attempt to purchase the company didn't gain much traction.

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Ted Williams still have a very successful career after baseball. Though L.L. Bean rebuked his purchase offer, Williams reached a lucrative deal with Sears to send outdoor equipment bearing his name. Most New Englanders will remember that Williams spent considerable time being the spokesperson for the J.J. Nissen company as well.

LL Bean
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But in the end, it comes back to L.L. Bean. It may surprise you to know that Williams wasn't the only supreme baseball legend that had a love of L.L. Bean. Shared on Imgur, Yankees icon Babe Ruth also penned a note to L.L. Bean offering thanks for the products he had received, including a perfect pair of shoes and some hunting clothes.


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