We've all learned about Stonehenge in England, one of the seven wonders of the world and one of the great mysteries that still exist about what it functionally was. But what if we told you that America had its very own version of Stonehenge...and that it exists in the woods of Salem, New Hampshire.

America's Stonehenge was once known as Mystery Hill because, well, there's plenty of mystery surrounding the site. It consists of a large number of rocks and stone structures that somewhat resemble the Stonehenge that we all know from overseas. Debates have raged on for decades as to how far back America's Stonehenge dates, with some researchers believing it dates back to the Bronze Age.

While the two sites share a name, there is no direct correlation between Stonehenge and American's Stonehenge. But it doesn't make America's version any less interesting for history buffs. The site is now preserved as an archaeological site rather a freakish attraction, and countless people now visit the site each year.

And just to make a historical site seem a little more fun for the whole family, the caretakers have added an alpaca farm for year-round enjoyment. History AND alpacas, yes!

HOW TO GET THERE: America's Stonehenge is roughly 90 minutes from Portland. Take I-95 South until you hit Exit 59 and veer onto I-495. From there, take Exit 51 onto MA-125 and follow that for 11 miles. Turn left onto Sawyer Ave and continue following that road until you reach Haverhill Road. Your destination will be on the left and you truly can't miss it.

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