Arethusa Falls

White Mountains of New Hampshire

The White Mountains of New Hampshire boast some of the most breathtaking beauty in New England, and maybe even the country. The stunning vistas and impressive natural features make for unforgettable hikes and great places to explore.

Arethusa Falls in Bartlett, New Hampshire is New Hampshire's tallest waterfall at 140 feet tall. In the warmer months the waters cascade over the ancient rock into a beautify scene. In the winter, the water freezes over and creates a massive wall of ice perfect for climbing.

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Arethusa Falls was discovered by Edward Tuckerman and named by Professor Huntington and Moses Sweetser in 1875. The name comes from the Percy Bysshe Shelley poem describing the story of a nymph named Arethusa who was turned into a fountain to avoid being the love conquest of the river god Alpheus.


Would you rappel down the side of a waterfall in the winter? Plenty of people try it at Arethusa Falls.

This photo captures the height of Arethusa Falls but like the captain reads, "It was even bigger in person."

Puppies like Arethusa Falls, too.


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