Guster has been with CYY since the beginning. Multiple patio shows. Our Portland Lights Music Festival at the Maine State Pier. CYY Summercamps. Holiday Bizarres. The weekend of shows at the State where they filmed their "Guster on Ice" DVD. And most recently, Guster On the Ocean Weekends at Thompsons Point. We've even hooked them up with a Key to the City!  We think we have done more CYY events with Guster than any other band. We're so proud to call these guys our friends, so that's why we're going to let lead singer Ryan Miller take over the airwaves on Saturday night!

It's all to celebrate the release of the new Guster live symphonic album. Wow! I'm going to write that again because it looks so cool.  The. Guster. Live. Symphonic. Album.  It's called OMAGAH-Guster Live with the Omaha Symphony. And OMG, here's the dealio...

The band told us:

In February 2019 we played a show with the Omaha Symphony. Playing with symphonies is always a thrill, but this night was special - an unexpected perfect storm of emotion, performance, and room energy. Band members were openly weeping on stage (maybe just the drummer) and the music felt transcendent. At the end of the night, we took a collective unironic bow to a standing ovation, walked backstage, looked at each other and asked, “What the hell just happened!?”



So here's the deal, Ryan will be on WCYY starting at 8pm on Saturday, May 9th. He will be giving you the story about how this album was made and premiering these live tracks from OMAGAH for the very first time in Maine. From what we have heard so far (and you can check out some of the videos in this article) it sounds AMAZING. We think the band is at its best in a live situation. Add an orchestra and you've got something very special. Well done men! You keep hitting new heights, even after 27 years as a band!



There are two places you can pre-order the digital-only album: (where you can also get an OMAGAH! shirt)



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