Spring is almost here! Tomorrow is the official turning point where we can see snow start to recede (if we don't get another big storm on Thursday, that is). As welcome as it's knock on our door is,  after this winter, it feels more like coming out of solitary confinement and seeing the sun for the first time in months.

We're seriously looking forward to the change, however, there will be a few things we'll miss as we move into the warmer months.

1) Skiing
THE winter pastime. Whizzing down the slopes can be a great way to blow off steam, and replacing it with water-skiing, while also fun, doesn't have quite the same thrill. Also, water skiing lacks a big off-slope bar to hit once you reach the end of the run. Here's to hoping the snow stick around on the mountains for just a little longer!

2) Snow Days
No one ever told us we'd get snow days as an adult, and on the rare occasion when you do, it's just as fantastic as when we were younger. Sure, we might have exchanged snowball fights for Netflix marathons, but the spirit is usually the same. Plus, nothing beats the view of fresh, untouched snow out the window in the morning.

3) An Excuse to Drink Hot Chocolate All The Time
Not sure how many of you share my passion for hot chocolate, but it's almost inescapable. I crave it year round, but having the cold outside helps me excuse consuming copious amounts of it. Maybe it's my dentist, and not Spring, i should be worried about there.

It'll be bittersweet saying goodbye to winter, especially when it's such a dominating force like it is in Maine, I'll tell you one thing, though - not having to shovel for a while sounds lovely.

Did I miss something you guys will miss? Feel free to share it in the comments, as always!


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