Dog on Duty

If you've never met a police K9 and their owner/handler outside of being on the job it's truly a beautiful bond. There's an immense amount of trust and loyalty and sometimes it's easy to forget that the dog is also a hardworking member of the police force.


Scarborough, Maine Police Department just had to say good-bye to one of their own, Kona.

In 2010 Kona joined the Scarbrough Police Department and became certified in tracking and article searches to help track suspects or missing persons, and to help find drugs or other items on a person's body, vehicle, etc. but medical issues kept Kona from becoming a full-fledged patrol dog.

That didn't mean Kona's career was completely over, though. Kona's early retirement was spent with Detective Sawyer and his family being a protector on a smaller scale and a beloved extended member of the police family and the community.

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