Are you ready to solve a long-shot mystery?


Did you happen to stop by a yard sale at 36 Garfield Street in Saco on Saturday, May 1st? Rebecca Beland is hoping so.

She is looking for a 2-foot tall ceramic Christmas tree. She is willing to pay double what you paid for it. You see, it was handmade by her grandmother 40 some odd years ago. She told both her uncle and Mother that she wanted it - but it was sold at this yard sale. They did not remember. This is NOT the tree she is looking for, but it is very similar.

Rebecca Beland Facebook
Rebecca Beland Facebook

She is completely devastated as this little tree has so much sentimental value to her. It was handmade by her late grandmother.

Since this was posted a couple of weeks ago, thousands have shared it - but unfortunately, it is still missing. So, the long shot is still out there. Can you help? Rebecca has not lost faith or hope that she will find her grandmother's treasure.

HINT: Rebecca's mom remembers an older gentleman asking specifically for a ceramic Christmas tree. It was not in the yard sale, but upstairs in the house. So, it may have gone to a collector who is not on social media - but may have family that is! Do you have friends who love a yard sale? Let's help get this sentimental handmade memory back to its rightful owner.



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