I recently discovered and utilized a shark tracker app, which proved to be incredibly valuable in keeping me informed about the whereabouts of tagged sharks along the coastline.

I also wrote an article about this to help other Mama's and families that didn't know about this, download the app to stay informed.

In a recent and shocking update shared on the OCEARCH Facebook page, it was posted that Anne Bonny, one of the tagged sharks, ventured dangerously close to the shore in New Hampshire.

The post states that she was less then one nautical mile away from Jenness Beach in New Hampshire. They went on to say that they first met Anne Bonny who is a 425ib female shark in North Carolina. She is 9 feet and 3 inches.

I knew who Anne Bonny was because I have also been tracking her and her friends on my app.

The presence of sharks in coastal waters is not uncommon and instances like Anne Bonny's close approach give us the important reminder to stay vigilant.

It is crucial for all of us stay aware in order to maintain our overall safety this summer.

The incident involving Anne Bonny highlights the ongoing research and tracking efforts, to help us learn where these sharks are. I am thankful for the people who work for these shark tracking companies.

It has been so helpful to have this app because the last thing I want to do is bring my family to the beach and not know there may be a predator just chillin 5 feet away from me while I am splashing in the water.

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