Big thanks to music photographer from here in Portland, Nathan Katsiaficas, for capturing the night. What a night it was! Thousands of fans packed the Cross Insurance Arena for a sold out show with Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin and Sevendust. All three bands were on their A game. Even a bronchitis ridden Brent Smith (Shinedown front man) pulled off an amazing performance, with a little additional help on those high notes from bassist Eric Bass.

We're all reflecting on last nights rock show at the Cross Insurance Arena. Don’t like their music? That’s cool you don’t have to, but the people that got to interact with Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin and Sevendust and then go to the concert got the full circle rock show experience. All three of these bands, right down to the individual members are so thankful for their fans and you can see it…in person and when they’re on stage. They’re genuinely happy to be there. This doesn’t always happen, I could name drop bands for days that go through the motions to do what they gotta do to get through the day/night. Props to Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin and Sevendust for owning Portland last night…what a show.

Here are some videos from our good friend Nate Jenson.