How are your plans for Halloween shaping up? For me, the hardest part of throwing a Halloween party is choosing a soundtrack. We can probably all agree that those sound effect CDs  —  the ones with creaking doors and thunder and maniacal laughter  —  have no business outside of an elementary school haunted house, but then what? Do you put together a playlist of all the obvious soundtrack selections? Or you choose pop songs that have some vague tie-in to the season? Who really wants to hear Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London” on Halloween for the umpteenth time, anyways?

So this year I’m going to try something new: just play a bunch of good, non-Halloween music, but underlay it with this four-hour supercut of famous horror movie screams and deaths. This video comes courtesy of horror film streaming site Shudder and features some of the creepiest moments from 100 of their best titles. Finding you friend’s frozen head in your freezer? There’s a scream for that. Being chased through the woods by an axe-wielding madman? There’s a scream for that. Having your head pulled from your torso by a pack of hungry zombies? Oh, you better believe there’s a scream for hat.

Consider this supercut the perfect party favor for those of us who want a movie theater-style pre-show from the comfort of our own home. And if you’d prefer a little bit of horror movie trivia to go with your holiday plans, consider any of the below horror movie videos we’ve put together over the past few years. Nobody ever said that a good Halloween party can’t be fun and educational. Just think how much mileage folks will be able to get out of their brand new Hellraiser and Friday the 13th trivia the next day! What a thoughtful host you are.

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