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Portland is truly the definition of a growing metropolitan. Our quaint little city is fast-tracking into a bustling and lively place with new Mainers pouring in. We've welcomed award-winning restaurants, top-rated breweries, and are continuing to grow with incoming apartments, skate parks, shops, and more.

Now that Portland has been discovered by outsiders as The Place to Live, our rent is starting to look like that of major cities. Our home prices are expected to skyrocket more than any other metropolitan in the U.S. and for good reason, we really are a city that has it all.

But, It's a little nerve-wracking for us Portlanders who can barely afford to live where they work. With new construction underway, we are trying to stay positive and hopeful that affordable living could be in our future.

Daymark Condominium Complex Portland, Maine

Around town, you'll notice cranes and construction erecting brand new buildings in Portland. One of those is the brand new condominium complex under construction on Chestnut Street in the Bayside neighborhood near Whole Foods, breweries, Batson River, and the bowling alley.

As shared by the developer, The Procopio Companies, Daymark's one- and two-bedroom condos range from $399,000 to $1.1 million with the average in the $500-700,000 range.

So, not quite the affordable housing we're hoping to see but it is going to be a beautiful luxurious spot with modern and top-tier amenities with a lot to offer if you can afford it.

The extremely walkable area is highly convenient, blocks away from downtown and Casco Bay, which is why they have bike and kayak storage for us Portlanders who love the outdoors. They will also boast a co-working space, pet wash, club room, boutique fitness center, a sports + gaming lounge, a makerspace for creatives, golf simulator, and a ride share lounge.

So, you can see why the price may be a little high.

If you're like me, you are an extremely curious person who might not be able to afford spots like these but is still dying to get a look inside. Here are a few renderings so you can get a feel for what this new condo complex will offer:

Sneak a Peek at New Condos Under Construction in Portland, Maine

Brand new condominiums are under construction on Chestnut Street in Portland, Maine. Check out the renderings:

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We walk by them every day but what's inside?

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