As some of the nation's biggest department store chains tighten their belts, Maine will feel the impact with closings within the state. 

If you're someone who believes that history always repeats itself, then the rise and fall of department store chains must seem cyclical. For many years here in Maine, stores like Ames, Bradlees and Zayres permeated the marketplace. Eventually those stores found their demise and it may only be a matter of time before we see the end of several more here in our great state.

According to WMTW, the Augusta location of Sears, including the auto center, will be closing this spring as part of a money saving effort from the company. Additionally, the K-Mart in Bangor will close as Sears is making sweeping changes across the country.

The Macy's location in Bangor will also shut its doors this spring as the company hopes to stop the hemorrhaging it has felt nationwide as business for big box stores continues to dip.

For now, the Sears and Macy's locations in the Maine Mall continue to perform adequately but if you're watching the trends from coast to coast, the writing may be on the wall.

The stores that are closing are expected to continue operation until the end of March.

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