So how's the quarantine treating you? For a lot of people, it's given them the chance to do a few things around the house that they'd been putting off. Clean out the basement or the attic and maybe make a few bucks by selling some things you no longer need on the Maine Facebook marketplace. That's all totally reasonable. There's another option too, to go off the rails and post something so ridiculous, people can't help but believe it.

Facebook Marketplace
Facebook Marketplace

Shared on the Facebook Marketplace, what you see there is *allegedly* freshly squeezed cats milk that's for sale in Portland. Several people quickly picked up on the joke, noting the line where the poster claims the milk comes from the stray cats that live outside. There might not be a stray cat alive that would let a person milk them.

However, lots of people didn't pick up on the joke as there were several responses along the lines of, "is this real?". Beyond the complete absurdity of someone selling cats milk at all is the idea that they would then place the milk into tiny jars and upcharge for it because of "how long" it took to milk them. On one side, pure boredom brilliance. On the other side, people really struggle with deciding what's real and what's fake.

The end of quarantine can't come soon enough.

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