We're all a little high anxiety about going out into a public setting and doing what once seemed like mundane tasks.

That includes trips to do groceries, where social distancing measures have been put into place in hopes of keeping everyone safe.

But those measures are reflected INSIDE the store, not outside. And it might be time to reevaluate that.

Shared on Facebook by Mike Walker, someone at the Hannaford store in South Portland appeared to be trying to invent their own exit from the parking lot on Friday morning. It's quite possible the driver of the vehicle felt confident they could wedge between the two rocks and onto the roadway and that judgement proved to be completely and utterly wrong.

Instead, multiple passersby and visitors to the store saw the vehicle attached the rock and wondered, "what exactly happened here?".

We don't have any definitive answers as to what led to this off-road excursion but what we do know is this particular accident will likely lead the driver to a further home quarantine as repairs are made to the vehicle.

Just a reminder, be careful there folks, and take care of one another. Even if someone is perched on a rock.


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