In a crowded nightlife scene, it is important to stand out in Portland's Old Port. Some new bars have gone to great lengths to separate themselves in hopes of catching the attention of Portland's vibrant base of consumers. Soon, there will be a new upscale bar opening downtown, and in the basement will lie a "hidden" bar, but can you find your way in?

The upscale bar will be called Blyth and Burrows and will be located at 26 Exchange Street. According to Kathleen Pierce from the Bangor Daily News, the name comes as a dedication to some of Portland's more famous naval personnel. That naval theme will persist throughout the bar/restaurant, which will serve upscale cocktails (including the kind of molecular mixology seen in Las Vegas) and small plates that will pair well with those unique alcoholic offerings.

That upscale bar will get its fair share of attention but given Portland's love of all things "hidden", it's likely the planned speakeasy attached to Blythe and Burrows will become just as popular. It will be called the Broken Dram, and won't feature the same kind of upscale menu as its upstairs neighbor. Instead, it'll be more like the steerage of a ship (think the third class deck in the movie Titanic), fun and spirited...and also a little less expensive.

The Broken Dram will be accessible from Blyth and Burrows but only if you know where to look. Similarly, you can enter the bar from a door in the Fox Court alley, but there won't be a sign so you best have some idea where you're going.

Portland is no stranger to a good speakeasy. Lincoln's which is located at (redacted) has maintained incredible popularity while managing to hold on to some of its secrecy. Will the Broken Dram's secret stay quite as safe? Only time will tell.

Blythe and Burrows is expected to open mid-May. The Broken Dram should be ready to open along a similar time frame.

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