NBC Sports Boston Anchor and New England sports fan Gary Tanguay took to Twitter yesterday to tell his fans he has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

In his video, Gary talks about sports, of course, then warns us that his appearance will be changing as he has already lost most of his hair. He also mentions that the cancer is treatable, and that he considers himself to be "very, very lucky."

You can watch the full video below.

A lot of people know who Gary Tanguay is, but no everyone knows he was born and raised here in Maine.

From the website Marithi.tv, Gary was born in 1964 in Rumford and grew up in Fryeburg with his mother, father and sister Marie. Gary went on to graduate the University of Maine with a BA in Journalism/Speech Communications. In 1998 he married the love of his life and has two daughters and a son with his wife Randi. His dad still lives in Fryeburg. His mom passed away in 2000.

Besides being a talented sportscaster and radio DJ based mostly in the Boston area, Gary has been in a handful of big screen movies like "Bleed For This," "Gone Baby Gone," "Stiffs" and others, mostly playing a sports announcer.

He has quite the Twitter following with over 40, 000 followers and he's actively on his personal Facebook account.


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